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The 2007 Eastercon

The committee of the 2007 Eastercon regrets to announce that since Convoy cannot now be held at the Adelphi, this convention will not be taking place, and membership fees will be reimbursed by the beginning of December 2006 to those who had joined the convention. (Note that this does not include presupporters who had not purchased a membership.)

Several fans have expressed concern at a report that Convoy's "mailing list" has been "handed over" to Contemplation. You may rest assured that the traditional single set of hard-copy sticky labels, containing only initials and postal addresses, is the only data transfer that has taken or will take place.

Convoy Accounts at 6 April 2007


Total loss: £119.30

* Pending resolution of final expense claims

** Pending presentation of final refund cheques

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